Simply French

Reviews & Achievers

Reviews & Achievers

Sivasankaran Gopalan

It was through Superprof I came to know about Mr.Visakh. After seeing so many positive reviews on that site, without any second thought I took his online classes for DELF B1 exam preparation which I cleared with a good score. His classes are organized in such a way that they help you to master the level that you are. He ensures that his students not just pass DELF exams but they are really at that level in all 4 areas of language learning: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Now I am taking his preparation classes for eTEF Canada exam. I am making a really good process. He likes hard working students and expects more from them and always helps his students to do their best. Although my goal is to get B2 level in eTEF Canada, I am planning to continue my learning up to C1 level. Thanks to Mr.Visakh. Language learning is not that difficult. It needs dedication and perseverance.

Sadia Umar

My experience with Simply French has so far been amazing. Special thanks to the tutor Visakh, who always adapts his teaching skills as per the understanding of the student (for instance B1 level for me) which not only makes students like me feel comfortable to try a new language but also confident in speaking them. Also the best part about Simply French is the flexibility of your classes which makes it easier to learn a new language at your convenience while keeping up with your busy schedule. Would totally recommend it!

Srihari Raghavan

The best French teacher in Chennai treats you like a friend. Teaches you the nuances and intricacies in the French language. Doesn't just help you to clear the DELF papers but also makes sure you learn the language correctly. You will not find a better professor than him.

Gauri Unnithan

Mr. Visakh has been tutoring me for the past year. He played a key role in my success in my DELF exam. His teaching method is unique and he customizes it for each and every student based on their requirements and learning patterns. He is extremely patient, understanding yet assertive which helped me work harder than I would have. His classes are interesting and fun. I loved my experience with him and will continue my classes for as long a s possible.

Nithyashree Sundararajan

Doing my Level 2 (A2) with Simply FRENCH and it's been an enjoyable journey. I'm getting trained by Visakh Sir. Such a professional! Not to exaggerate, right from the very beginning, I felt really great to have chosen this place. Definitely recommending to all the people who look for a neat and efficient coaching.

Venkatadri Amalanathan

Simply French is one of the wonderful places to learn French. The instructors are well aware of the language and nuances are well explained. This gives a beginner like me the confidence to speak the language with ease. The approach to learning a language adopted rightly given instructions in French, listen to the commonly used phrases which are more practical than theoretical. In all, “learn it from the experts.”


Just a mere thought of the ways and manner in which I learned the language gives me goosebumps. The fear of having to learn a foreign language vanished in the first few days and I was totally at ease with the learning process. What I loved the most about the teaching is the indomitable patience towards their students. The only objective during the course of teaching is to make sure everybody understands the concepts clearly. Often, the examples are taken from everyday life and it's just so relatable. Thank you, Simply French.

Krupa Shyam

I took up the preparatory course for Level 3 DELF B1. His classes are well organized in line with our requirements. He gave me a lot of practice sessions, which we ought to follow judiciously. He provides immediate feedback and suggests ways to augment the score. He made sure that I understood the exam strategy very clearly and in short, how to present myself before the examiner in order to score good marks. A good motivator and always appreciates us when we do good work.

Barkha Dave

I am glad I decided to take up French Classes with a Professional like Mr. Visakh Ramachandran. He changes the paradigm, he is the most creative and innovative force in teaching that I have seen. He is one of those rare individuals who is able to create content according to one's requirement. I have seen him not only putting 100% as a teacher, but also motivating you to move forward in your language journey and make real progress. He has my professional respect and personal gratitude.

Harshit Bassi

Unique methodology aimed at breaking away from traditional methods of learning which focus on reading and writing French. Visakh helps us prepare not only for the exam, but also helps us in holding our own while adopting to any francophone culture

Poorna Kalingaraayan

I took up French course at Simply French as I was moving to France. It was a great experience with my instructor-Visakh. He was patient and efficient in coaching students to understand the language. I was able to get familiarized with the language in a short period of time. Monsieur Visakh is really hands-on with his teaching; he provides immediate feedback and is very dedicated. I would definitely recommend 'Simply French' to anyone who wants to learn French by someone who can provide personal and close attention.

Sreejith Radhakrishnan

I have taken up Level 4 (B2) with Simply French. Monsieur Visakh is extremely dedicated towards the language. Makes sure even the intricate things are understood in a simple manner.

Gayathri Suthrav

A rare faculty with diverse merits and credentials, which alone makes him squarely a cut well above the rest and clearly above the ordinary.

Smitha Das

The first good thing about his classes is that it is done on Skype therefore learning French on the go or at home is made easy. His teaching methods and reflections on each class are admirable. I am sure that speaking French will be possible in no time.

Kishore ravichandran

He is a perfect example of how a teacher should be. He taught us from the basics and all his teachings will be easy to understand. More than that he inspired most of us through his acts. He shared many life experiences like helping the needy and the joy of travelling. All these stories inspired me to do the same. He is more than a teacher, and i will always remember him for inspiring me.

Chitra Sekhar

A teacher is like God in our culture, a good teacher is a wonderful ornament to the society and Vishak sir is definitely one. He is very versatile when handling the language, as it is a language that has the extra specialty as we can use it to make people laugh and think at the same time. He taught us French and along with French he taught us how to evolve as a good human being, and brought out our good nature and taught us how to nurture it. Will never forget you or your lessons and the time we spent with you.


Visakh sir is easily the best French teacher I have had. My grip over the language used to be quite poor, so it was almost like learning French from scratch when sir started teaching me. He had great knowledge of the language, was punctual and was always approachable and willing to help. His classes were highly comprehensive and he helped me understand French as a language rather than just a subject at school. His teaching methods were also very adaptive. He really goes out of his way to help his students. From being pretty average at French, I eventually ended up scoring really good marks in it and I give Visakh sir the entire credit for that. He is a wonderful teacher.

Uma Maheswari

Visakh is an extremely enthusiastic brilliant tutor who has experience coupled with expertise. He caters to the needs of the learner knowing the strengths and weaknesses and awakens the thirst for knowledge. Apart from being a tutor he is a great human who has humane qualities. He stretches himself to reach out to the masses and takes the first step to help the poor and the needy whether it's donating stationery or teaching them. Also he is actively concerned about environmental issues.

Gayathri Mehta

Very effective teaching, in depth knowledge, student friendly and subject matter expert. Also, very focused and ensures that the learning time is fun.

Aarthi Arvindh

‘Simply French’ is one of the best places to learn French. I had enrolled my son for DELF (PRIM) A1 about a month back. The teacher is well efficient and I could find a lot of difference in my son. I would surely recommend it. Congrats Mr. Visakh and team.


The reason why I grew interest in French is him. His methods are out of the box and grabbed a lot of attention. He's the coolest teacher I ever had. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn French.

Adithya Raja

Visakh is a teacher of high standards, incredibly helpful. Excellent teaching on his part enabled me to pass exams effortlessly and his teaching methods are helpful for long term command on the language.


Visakh is an inspirational teacher. His passion for french and simple teaching style and methods are absolutely noteworthy and make yourself to the fullest satisfaction of the learning curve. He is friendly, overwhelming and has great attitude.


Excellent dedication towards the language. Makes sure even the intricate things are understood in a simple manner.

Ajith Kumar

I have just started from a very basic understanding and Visakh quickly adapts the level to meet yours, while at the same time demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible during the lessons. Individual approach, great advice, positive attitude. Always on time, ready to help, very easy going, intelligent and kind. Fantastic so far would recommend to anyone.

Prayash Panda

The instructors speak in French and are extremely patient and knowledgeable. They encourage you to practice solely in French and explain every doubt. Notes of every lecture are mailed to you so you don't miss anything! They have a ton of resources which you can use to practise speaking and listening. Definitely worth it!